Monday, March 9, 2009

I havent blogged in months.. I actually miss it, but i have been busy, so so busy, that browsing the internet was not even an option, much less actually penning my thoughts down. I'm quite free today (shhhhhh, i'm already getting the 'looks' without even saying it out) so i thought i'd like put it to some use rather than annoy myself by looking at unwanted things. I love doing this to myself.. I know something will annoy me, yet i'll do it and then get annoyed that im annoyed. Ah, the joys of being a woman. Yes, i'm sure its a female defect, and i'm hardly alone in this department. Anways so to keep my itchy fingers away from getting smacked by my own hands, i decided to.. blog :)

Yesterday, as my 5 million and 1st bimbotic moment for the year, i could not get the 8th button to work in the lift. I kept pressing it like a maniac and it just wouldnt light up. So i decided to go to the 9th floor and walk down. ( i was quite proud of my quick thinking considering i had to come up with that solution in a split second heh) Anywayy for the first time in my 8 months with Kinetic, i discovered that the floor upstairs REEKED of audit!! hahaha no kidding! The lift door opened and i was hit by the smell that nearly reduced me to tears.. of happiness! As in I'm talking about serious uplifting of spirits. I was so grateful that i wasn't entering THAT office and that my audit days are a closed and SEALED chapter that will be forever be remembered as my DARKER DAYS. :) Haha you're probably wondering what audit smell am i blabbering about.. Trust me, its this rancid smell thats hits your brain cells and sets off the depressed nerves. I-kid-you-not. Its a combination of the paper and the carpet and is probably even mixed with the odour the depressed people on the 9th floor must emit. :) Or maybe its none of those factors. Whatever it is, it's definitely a smell i recognized. I was overwhelmed by that oh so desired scent every single time i had to be at a client's office to audit them. Be it in the ulu'est part of Jurong or in some unglam industrial park in cheenapok land or even in town.. the 'aroma' was apparent in all of them. Oh well one of those, you gotta smell it to believe it i guess. :)

Anyway that wasn't really the point of my story. My dramatic indian ways always get the better of me, so it took me a while to get to the reason why i shared the incident in the first place haha. So yeah the button... it wasn't working and all that jazz. So i took the stairs from the smelly 9th floor and entered my cool office on the 8th floor, all happy with where i am in life and yeah you got that part i'm sure, and like annouced to the rest of my colleagues that the lift on the right, the 8th floor button wasnt working. They all looked at me confused, prob coz they got to the 8th floor without the extra workout i had to do and the button seemed fine to them. I kinda wanted to add in how the visit to the 9th floor made me realise blah blah and how i felt so blah blah but yeah they didnt look too interested so i just happily unpacked and pretty much bounced around all morning with my joyous revelation on how much i appreciated my current job. So then came lunch and all was forgotten with the help of mean vendors and stress inducing agency arses.. So i went into the lift to go for lunch and that's when i realise... THERE ARE TWO SETS OF BUTTONS IN EACH DAMN LIFT!!!! sigh. 8 months later.. 8 months later and i realise that today. Who born me really.

As i said bimbotic moment number 5 million and 1 for the year. and counting. Sigh.

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And the hyped up New Year, what with the whole world counting down in every possible way, has finally arrived! My favourite time of the year has also passed, which is kinda depressing but thats ok coz i've got a few things planned out that'll definitely tip the happy scale! For starters i'm hell excited about our upcoming Phuket trip in a few days! The glorious beach, our friggin 2 bedroom villa WITH A POOL, authentic pad thai and tom yum soup, shopping steals and deals, the water sports that'll keep me above sea level away from the (respected) underwater creatures (i kid you not when i say im terrified of what might get me when im half submerged) and above all i cannot wait for my jungle and beach trail horse riding. Sigh... i really, really am looking forward to it all!! I'm so glad we're actually going, instead of the famous planning which never materializes! Sigh ok, ok, i shall stop before i jinx our holiday.. *lets out a last squeal of excitement*

Anyhoo.. today is my first day back at work after what seems like forever coz we pretty much had a 2 week holiday over X'mas and New Year's. The great thing is that i wasnt dreading it or muttering the usual curses this morning, as i would've had i been in my prior job! I'm really liking that fact and I'm giving myself another pat for leaving a job where i might've been earning a very desirable sum now. I mean who needs the money when you're so miserable, the only way you might use the money is to pay someone to kill you or like go for therapy or something, heh. Of course, the money could have been used to buy like things that i can only look at now wishfully, or to contribute more to the parentals or buy me a new camera without a second thought since my current one has major issues, or... Hahaha i'm kidding la.. I mean, yeah sure it would be nice to have spare cash every month but i'm SO SO SO much happier where i am now and i wouldnt trade happiness for all the money in the world. Money truly can't buy happiness. It's not a myth guys, it's true. Unless you're one of those lucky asses who's blessed with both. If you are, good on ya, but i shall become you one day :)

My Christmas and New Year's were pretty well spent. Both were quiet events spent with the immediate group of friends, just the way i like it. I'm not big on crowds and forced conversations so i chose the anit social way out by just hanging out with the gang. :) Xmas was spent house hopping a little, but before the party started, so we got to say hi to the important members and then we ended up seekin refuge in Shawn's room while the real party was going on in the hall! Everyone was pretty spent by the end of the night, so we were just lazing around and watching TV in his newly done up room! His room has it all now under one roof, so we didnt really have to move much for any form of entertainment. :) And i LOVEDDD our Christmoosh date, the place is really gorgeous mannnnnn! And the food and wine was just.. money well spent for sure! Plus it was with the fearsome foursome, so it was much loved :)

And new year's eve was a really nice private countdown at Sho's house with yummy food courtesy of Sholala, Champagne from Lagsini, Shawn's stylo mylo drinking game that somehow didnt get anyone high and my gorgeous speakers that i just have to mention coz i love them :) I really liked 2009's countdown espescially since 2008's was quite a disaster and I'm gonna be all positive and think thats indicative of a good year ahead! :)

I spent the whole of New Year's day with the familia and seeing Mikayla was the highlight of the day! :) She's really such a cutie.. she's a screamer but we still love her ;)

I'm back at work, but there's really not much to do, which is good but i have this nagging feeling i'm not doing something important which i'm gonna pay dearly for tomorrow.. Heh. I think i'm gonna go dwell on that a little and if i don't come up with anything that'll save my ass tmw, i'm gonna bury my itchy nose in my new book :) Tata!

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Today was actually supposed to be a reading blog's day coz i was initially too lazy to blog buttttttttttt i changed my mind :)

I havent blogged in so long and there are so many bloggable things that have actually happened.. so many events i want etched in my memory, so what better way but a reminder of it on my blog!! so one day my grandkids' kids can say they had a happening great-grandma! :)
Anyhoo one such blog-worthy expedition was my Docent's (my zoo thingie) retreat in mid October this year! I am the promos head for my zoo volunteer group so i had to organize a retreat for the ex-comm. I toyed with the idea of Pulau Ubin, Sentosa, Chalets and all the other been-there-done-that-BORING options. I finally chose some coastal boardwalk at Pulau Ubin which i was kinda dreading coz im not your swamp loving chick and this was some massively one-with-nature kinda places. But i figured that that the rest, being volunteers at the zoo, would totally eat this up so I decided to think less of myself (shock shock horror horror) and go with that option rather than settle for the other more Malini like choices. But seeing as to how God actually loves me, the Pulau Ubin idea got scrapped! haha well i had a part to play in that minor change la but it was more or less determined by external sources. :) So i decided to look around a bit more and i stumbled upon this website http://www.forestadventure.com.sg/ . It looked really fun and i kinda am a bit of an adventure loving person underneath my bimbotic persona so i really pushed for this to happen! Only 6 of us managed to make it finally (kinda one of the reasons why the Ubin idea was abandoned) so it was a cozy group, which worked out well coz all of us were totally stripped off our pride, ego, fasle fronts and definitely were caught at our most unglam of moments like 99% of the time. It was a tree top trail thingie with 32 different activities including 4 flying fox fellas OVER THE WATER! wahh the whole experience was just... indescribable. I mean there were many times i really thought i was gonna lose my footing and fall to the ground, which mind you was alot higher from ground than it appeared to be. Of course we used a harness that was connected to a safety line with some other fancy gadgets to ensure our security at all times, but you know how the human mind works.. and when you think you're gonna die, you don't think Oh but i have this to protect me so the most that can happen is i'll be dangling in mid-air should any part of my body decide to leave its designated spot. I was seriously petrified at soo many points and i don't think ive broken out in cold sweat so many times in an hour before! We could only boast of battered and bruised arms and legs, sore palms, some bedok reservoir sand which was lodged EVERYWHERE but an experience we didnt mind reliving over and over again made it all worth it. One of us in the group was literally shivering when she had to climb her first rope ladder but by the end of it she was such a pro! A few of us refused to step off the platform when we had to zip past the water for the flying fox but by the 4th we were all still a tad bit nervous but it definitely took less than counting to 5 at least 10 times before we let go! Oh mannn it was really loads of fun.. one of those 'you've gotta try it to believe it' things.
So yeah i basically did like a free promo for these guys i know, but i realllyyyyy wanna find a group of fear loving enuthusiasts to join me on one of these so if you're readin this and you're game.. CALL MEEEE! And if i havent managed to convince you from my whole spiel above, here are some pictures to seal the deal ;)

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ok you have no idea how big an achievement it is!! I installed my own chat box!!! come on be excited for me lehhhhhh! I'm like the computer andoh of the group, where words like Java, bit torrent, binary and gee even the word programming makes me nervous. So it's no big secret that my blog was created and revamped with 100% help! haha yeah Shina and Sho are like my blog goddesses. My blog and I are eternally grateful to you two. *bows deeply showing off some cleavage UNINTENTIONALLY* BUT BUT BUT, i'm not that condemned, i actually managed to figure out how to get my very own chatbox! =) Haha i bet it's like the simplest of things but just let me revel in my newfound genius, why don't you! EUREKA!!!! =)

Anyway today i get to ciao early, coz ive got some bus viewing fella, so its gonna be short'ish day! Woo hoo.. Then i'm all prepared for another stay over at the Prawn residence :) The parents are coming back on Friday so i've only got another 2 days to live THE life! I love it man. I especially love having the car 24-7 and being able to be wherever i want without having to worry about pissing the folks off. Haha don't get me wrong i love my parents and all, but lets just say i love them being on holiday as well. :)

Wow, the festive season is totally creeping up on us man. Its only what 15 days to Christmas and then New Years!! Seriously who are you and what did you do to 2008?! Damn time really seems to past much faster these days. I don't remember it whizzing by this fast when i was younger. I wonder why that is. I mean doesnt that just screw up the saying "time passes fast when you're having fun" coz i sure as hell know life was a lot more enjoyable when i didnt have to make my own money heh. There used to be a time when i eagerly looked forward to the new year coz that meant my birthday was coming up again (this is where i conveniently fail to mention that my bday falls in June but yeah i'm a real fan of birthdays esp when they're mine, so half a year is better than one)! But now that i'm way past my prime... I kinda dread the ticking clock :( Oh well i'm still gonna make a great deal out of my bday, i just wont be celebrating my age thats about it heh.

Anyway the festive season wasnt supposed to lead to the topic of my old and withering self, so pardon that. But yay, i love christmas!!! Its the one season that everyone seems to celebrate! I mean its a no-brainer that i like it mostly coz of the exchange of gifts, but seriously i LOVE the christmas spirit. Everyone seems to partake in it, and just thinking of xmas makes me geuninely happy! Last year i was a bum so nothing can compare to that. But this year my company is being a sweetheart and giving us quite a few days off during the xmas week and also the new year's week. So i have many many long weekends to look forward to! Plus the agency i'm sorta servicing is shutting down for the last 2 weeks of Dec, so i'll be at work but i'll be like WORKLESS!! Oh and after that a few of us are planning to running off to some island for some beach loving.. venue and company has yet to be be confirmed but i sure hope this holiday plan takes off! So i'm really looking forward to the second half of December which is *rubs hand gleefully* a weekend away!!!

OK too many happy exclamations in this post. I'm gettin worried now. First sign of things turning bad is that my stupid bus viewing might be postponed to 530pm. So much for finishing early. :( OK i shall quit while i'm ahead, before more evil comes my way. BYE.

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..

Monday, December 8, 2008

I long for another long weekend. Haha how corny i know, but seriously the weekend jus zipped right by. My parents are enjoying their 5 millionth honeymoon, this time in Turkey.. so i pretty much got the whole house and more importantly my PRECIOUS FREEDOM at my disposal :) Yeah but what good is house, parent'less or not, without a DVD player and a computer that delights itself on throwing some tantrum every 5 secs coz it's old and dying. Bleaugh. So yeah i decided to give my maid a real treat and i pretty much moved out for the weekend! :) Happily parked my contented ass at Shawn's house and indulged in all the pleasures my house could not offer me ;) Oh and i am now the proud owner of Desperate Housewives Season 4 (fine call me slow, but i think i've made pretty good progress with this series by my standards!) so that kept me busy all weekend while the boy-not-so-friend was happily consumed with his bloody world of warcraft game nonsense! so i sat there, nagging him after i went through each episode, to get off the computer or like at the very least spare me a glance but nooooo. Boys will be boys. I swear the game makes no sense and looks like it needs none.. just some pointless running around killing random creatures that make alot of unecessary ghoulish noises when they die. *shudders* i dont and prob will never quite understand what exactly the pull factor is with all these weird sadistic games. And we wonder why people are so much more violent these days and cold blooded killers are rampant in so many parts of the world.. sighhhhhh. Ok i know its JUST A GAME, but could there be a connection? I mean they don't even bat an eyelid when they literally slash their opponents to death, doesnt that train them to be a lil more, i dunno vicious? You know what, i'm probably making too big a deal out of nothing.. i mean superman and spidey did a whole load of stunts back in the day, and most of us didnt excatly watch and learn, so i think i shant judge the male population and the way they take to these savage games. I mean after all its a game right? It's like a world we can escape to, so we can be everything that we can't in reality. Hmmm, i reckon we should give the terrorists some of these games. Maybe then they can vent all their frustrations online and we will all be safe :(
Orite enough nonsensical rambling for the day.. i'm off! Have fun everyone!

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh my god its been ages! I was reading thru my blog the other day and i was inspired, what with my new gorgeous layout (thank you shinaaaa) and hints of a slowing down economy (phewww) but of course the "work god" had other plans in store for me.. i was too busy to even consider blogging! I swear the recession and all the other scary words that are being thrown around these days don't seem to be affecting my workload. Maybe its still early, maybe i'm being a retarded ungrateful "i still have a job and work to do while i'm at that" idiot but i was hoping for abit of free time thaz alllllll *pouts* see la its 5pm on a FRIDAY evening and the agency calls and demands a reply by end of day. MAKE THAT TWO REQUESTS! :( why do they keep calling me, only me me me me me me :( ok ive been bombarded with too many calls. sigh. i give up. I'LL BE BACK. *storms off*

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

nobody wants me :( except for my petshop la. But they pay me $34 a day, so of course they'd want me. heh. Applied at like 3 animal related orgz and NONE have replied. Why did i not listen to my heart, the day i applied for the course at uni. I was contemplating between commerce n mass comm and i figured stability lied in the former and so the lingam in me went for the boring alternative. ALL the jobs i've applied for need some degree/dip in the mass comm field or some related work experience.. and i have neither. sob. its ok, this pursuit of my dream job is proving to be a very lengthy and unfavourable process but i'm sure i'll hit jackpot soon. Or at least i'm gonna stay positive and hope i do sigh. Maybe i really should look into the zoology course seriously hey. but there's sooo much to worry about if i decide to take that up, and i really don't know if i have the energy to go through 3 years of uni life all over again... I'm such an oldie, n im sure my brain cells have just about all gone into hiding, or maybe even extinction, arrgghh!

Well, i'll just enjoy my break for now. Hah, been more than 6 months of a break and i'm still not bored. Broke, but definitely not bored. Maybe i'm made for this eh, the whole rest and relax kinda lifestyle... If only someone would pay me, to relax on their behalf.. I sure would do a good job.. yeah maybe they should make the queen while they're at that. I'm oh so realistic aren't i.

Bleaughh.. such a lazy day. thats ironic, since i was up, bright and early today. went for a jog at bishan park, while my dad brisked walked. Felt pretty good after baking under the hot morning sun but now i'm back to my lazy ass mode.. oh well, at least ive gotten the exercise outta the way. trust me everyday its like one ordeal, trying to drag and motivate myself to the gym. Its like i can be the most driven person, and losing weight would be the most important thing of the moment, but thats exactly it. the whole zest lasts for the moment. I don't understand why looking into the mirror doesnt suffice, or just knowing how i've outgrown like ALL my clothes isnt motivation enough like 24 hours of the day.. :( i hate this constant lifelong battle, hate hate hate! :(

:( anywayyyyy. im off to KL for a wedding this weekend. Lavi's there making all these amazing plans already! like for starters, we're gonna get a mani n pedi as soon as we step into her house. she's got the person to come to the house!! and she's asked me what colours i favour and all that! that girl is one fab organizer la! plus i desperately need to wax so amazing lavi's gonna slip that into our already packed schedule! 3 cheers for my lovely cousin. she's like hot chocolate la- the absolute remedy to any given situation! muackssssssssss!

another live saver is this prawnboy!! i just emailed him this thing i need to send out, to hopefully do some 'damage' and he edited it and now its DEFINITELY gonna kick some ass! i told him i wish he could come and live in my head but for those who know him guess what his reply was la.. tsk tsk. =) but i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the same! :) :) :)

okkkk.. i'm in this boring mood so everything that comes out of me can be nothin but, so i shall like leave before more damage is done.. byeeeeeeee see you laterrrrrrrrrr! *said nani style* oh how i miss them :(

The heart has its reasons which reason knows not of..


I'm definitely not what they call normal. As a wiseman once said, i have the emotional capability of a cactus. :)


my dog. my rabbit. and my prawn. :) oh and of course the selected few.


insects. rude annoying middle aged women who don't get enough action.. whose sole purpose in life is to piss me off at MRT stations. competitive freaks like myself. ;) oh and how a man's accusing finger always finds a woman.


to own a petshop and never have to sell my puppies!! :)





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